I AM CHANGE! WE ARE CHANGE!THIS IS WHAT WE DO! On Wednesday May 14th we went to RUN4CHANGE . RUN4CHANGE is a foundation that helps kids in poverty right here in Ontario, It gives these kids running shoes and a back pack FULL of school supplies. What we did there was we ran 5k for these kids this is how the money was raised. I am very proud of myself because i ran 5k straight NO STOPPING!!!!! Also Gatestone school all together raised $1,800!Hopefully this will make kids in poverty have a better life.

The Human Body

The Human Body is a project we are working this week. We have make most of the things in the human body. My group did lungs,brain,heart.nerves,mouth,skeleton and blood cells. I think my group did a great job we wrote a bunch of facts about the  human body. Mrs.Radonicich If you looked at this we know we  deserve an A+!!!!

Division test!

Today we got our division tests back! I did AWESOME I got a rubric back and for

Knowledge and understanding 4

thinking 3+

communication 3

Application 4

so i am very proud of my self because i think i did really good. I got two 4’s and a 3,3+ and i know that communication is my weakness so i think i did good for it. If i were to do this test again i would try to get a better mark on communication and maybe thinking.

I demonstrated SELF-REGULATION by persevering through a difficult task.


In class we are reading a book called “Wonder”. There is a boy named August he is going to school for the first time he will be starting grade 5 the only problem is that he has a face deformity.

August made a few friends but most people think that he is gross and will give them a disease or something. August’s friends are Summer and Jack Will. August and Jack Will got into a fight though because Jack Will was talking about August behind his back and August heard so they where not friends for a little while but then Julian was talking about August because Jack Will and August had to be partners but Julian wanted to change that but Jack would not let that happen so he punched him right in the face and he almost got expelled but since the principal thought he was a good kid so he let him stay just a week suspension.

August thought it was nice that he stood up for him and Jack said he only said those things because he was trying to fit in with a group of kids so August just forgot about it and they were friends again and they all sat at the Summer names table (August and Summers table) but i think they will make an exemption. So that’s ‘Wonder’ if i had to rate it out of ten i would give it a ten.

Good Sportsmanship!

Being a good sport means even when you lose or win you should still be nice and congratulate the opposite team. A few days ago we watched a video about being a good sport. These girls were playing baseball and it was Emily’s [a girl on the team]  first home run ever but it was her last season. She was running to first base but she hopped right over the base so she turned around but when she did she ripped the muscle in her knee. So two girls on the opposite team asked the ref if they could carry her around the bases. Emily’s team won! The other team lost because those two girls helped her. That is just an example of good sportsmanship.